Global Ambition

If you’ve got the ambition, we'll help you take it global.


At Enterprise Ireland, we support global ambition. We're backing businesses with the vision to innovate and scale in new markets and have a wide range of financial, training, competitiveness and leadership supports designed to match that ambition at every stage.


Preparing to enter a new market isn't easy.
Finding the right help is.

Whether you're a large enterprise, HSPU or an SME, the new Market Discovery Fund is designed to help you meet the key challenges of market research.


Markets won't wait. So your innovation can't either.

Enterprise Ireland's new innovation supports enable companies to develop new market opportunities and maximise their business performance. So whether you're an SME or a large enterprise, if you have the ambition, we can help you take it global. 


5 Key Areas

At Enterprise Ireland there are five key areas we focus on to help you succeed.


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