Case Studies


Mcor Technologies

Mcor Technologies availed of Enterprise Ireland's innovation supports to develop the world’s first line of paper-based desktop 3D printers.

Cartoon Saloon

Oscar-nominated animators, Cartoon Saloon availed of Enterprise Ireland's innovation supports to develop a digital delivery platform for its global customers. 

Irish Dog Foods

Irish Dog Foods made use of Enterprise Ireland's innovation supports to create a unique range of natural products, opening up new markets like America and Japan.

LED Group

The range of innovation supports from Enterprise Ireland gave LED Group the freedom to test new prototypes - ultimately leading to products with mass global appeal.

Alpha Wireless

Innovation supports helped Alpha Wireless bring industry experts on board, before designing a combined antenna that can meet stringent planning restrictions in different markets.

Dawn Farms

Established in 1985, Dawn Farms is a family-owned company and the largest specialist supplier of cooked and fermented meat protein ingredients outside of the USA.

Marco Beverage Systems

Innovation supports from Enterprise Ireland allowed Marco Beverage Systems to develop products that are up to 70% more energy efficient compared to competitors.


CustomerMinds used innovation supports to fast-track the development of their API software, helping global clients to efficiently streamline customer communications.


With the help of Enterprise Ireland innovation supports, Ventac was able to establish a special acoustic laboratory, showcasing their flair for innovation while enhancing their global reputation.


Innovation supports from Enterprise Ireland led Ding to make R&D vital to their daily operations, constantly rolling out software updates and improving their customer experience across the globe.