Preparing to enter a new market isn't easy. Finding the right help is. 


How the fund can help

The opportunities that arise from entering a new international market, as well as impending Brexit challenges, mean that diversification is more important than ever for Irish businesses.

A streamlined application process makes it easy for companies to access funding of up to €150,000 to help them take the first step into new markets and make their global ambitions a reality.  

Challenges to New Market Research

Whether you're a large enterprise, HPSU or an SME, the new Market Discovery Fund is designed to help you meet the key challenges of market research.

Accessing Expertise 

Even the most established businesses can be unsure of how to break into new markets. The Market Discovery Fund removes some of that uncertainty. By providing funding to hire consultants with in-depth knowledge of the target market, your business will have everything it needs to ensure success.

Market Knowledge

Market Knowledge

Understanding local market nuances and drivers is key to preparing your business to enter new markets. Enterprise Ireland’s supports enable you to assess new market opportunities and participate in trade fairs, empowering you with the right knowledge to establish a successful local market presence.

Local Capability

Local Capability

Finding the right people for the right role is a challenge in any company — particularly where new language skills are required. The Market Discovery Fund enables your business to relocate staff with appropriate language skills to carry out important market research, giving your business the advantage.


The Market Discovery Fund is available to Irish businesses across three levels:

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