Five Ways We Can Help



Enterprise Ireland offers a range of supports depending on your business' stage of development and specific needs. We also provide funding and support to researchers to assist in the development, protection and transfer of technologies into industry. 


Research & Innovation

Enterprise Ireland can assist you in increasing the level of innovation in your company through research and development.  We can help with the sourcing and licencing of new technologies that could have the potential to dramatically improve your business. 


Access to Overseas Markets

Support for companies focused on advancement through international sales is a priority for Enterprise Ireland, as it is crucial for long-term business growth.  We are supporting the development of a strong exporting sector by offering flexible solutions to client needs.


Capability & Management

If you want to develop better tools and techniques to operate more effectively and succeed in international markets, we can help. Enterprise Ireland offers customised management development supports and programmes, delivered in collaboration with leading international providers. 



Enterprise Ireland can work with you to identify and measure competitiveness issues, particularly in relation to the international marketplace. We can introduce you to best practices in your industry and support you by providing access to our range of competitiveness-building tools to help feed your Global Ambition.