Innovation Funding Suppports

From major R&D to smaller product, service or process improvement projects, we have a range of supports.


Agile Innovation Fund

This fund supports clients to quickly develop innovations and respond to opportunities and threats in new and existing markets. It is a great fit for companies that need to rapidly develop solutions or are planning a first R&D project. Eligible companies submit a short online application form to get quicker approval for projects with a maximum expenditure of €300,000.

Technical Feasibility Funding

This funding supports the better planning of R&D and innovation projects. These grants are designed to encourage companies to think strategically about disruptive technologies and take time to look beyond their own organisation for inspiration and guidance.

Business Innovation Funding

This fund supports companies that want to seriously step-up how they do business. Projects should involve a real change to your company’s business model, possibly by implementing a new service delivery or production method. Projects should be innovative and include a level of risk, and not simply focus on routine changes or adopting best practices.

Larger R&D Funding

This funding supports companies to conduct industry-led R&D that helps grow sales and employment. It supports companies to expand to new markets or increase competitiveness through the strategic development of new or improved products, services and processes. Companies may also qualify for tax credits under the R&D Tax Credit Scheme.

Need more information about which support is right for your innovation needs? Contact your Development Advisor or get in touch.* 

*Enterprise Ireland clients only.

Enterprise Ireland funding to support companies is provided against an agreed company growth plan. Please contact your DA or the Client Relationship Team to discuss your project and how Enterprise Ireland can work with you to ensure your company gets the most from any financial support.

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