Taxing Times for Brexit

Daryl Hanberry, Tax Partner; Tom Maguire, Tax Partner; and John Stewart, Tax Director at Deloitte, highlight some of the potentially significant tax impacts that Irish firms may have to consider.

Learn your Legals

Sean Ryan, a Partner in Eversheds Sutherland Corporate and Commercial Department in Dublin and Chair of its designated Brexit Unit, outlines key legal issues for companies to consider.

Tips for success in Germany

Caroline Kelly, sales director at Burnside Autocyl, shares her top pieces of advice for Irish companies keen to tap into the German market

Prepare for Brexit: Operations

Brexit may result in complications that affect the various systems and resources within your business that keep it running on a daily basis. It is important to understand and review your operations from end to end – from suppliers right through to end-users – to ensure that you are prepared for all eventualities.

Prepare for Brexit: Finance

Navigating through and beyond Brexit successfully will require strong financial management and exchange rate volatility is the key challenge to be faced in the short to medium term.

Currency risk is a factor that Irish exporters have been dealing with for decades in trading with the UK. However, the rapid and recent change in currency value is different and more serious than that experienced during the major depreciation of sterling in the late 2000s...